Holiday Ice Show

This past weekend Brooklyn was in her figure skating club’s 3rd annual Christmas ice show. She’s been figure skating for a little over 2 years now and has been in the ice show every year! This year she got to perform in the finale, which she was VERY excited about.

It’s amazing to me how these kids learn the choreography, practice a few times and execute it (practically) flawlessly!

The past couple months Brooklyn has been dreading going to ice skate practice. She says it’s hard…well duh! That’s why we practice. At 7 I guess it’s hard to understand that concept. But being the mama I am, I’m not letting her give up that easily!

To see her face and how proud she is of herself after performing is SO worth it and makes her want to keep going….that is until she forgets that feeling again!

She has a collection of medals she has earned over the past couple years that I hope she treasures for a life time and remembers that when something gets tough to keep moving forward because it will be worth it in the end.

Sports are such a good way to introduce that mindset to kids early on. Brooklyn has blossomed with confidence and skill that I don’t think she would have had otherwise.

Competition season will be starting in just a couple months along with a new adventure she begged for….ballet. So we will be experiencing her first dance recital come spring time! And I’m so excited to see where this path will lead her.


Christi aka Proud Figure Skate Mom!

2019 Planning

If you’re like me you’re not that great at being organized but you LOVE all things organization.

I just got my 2019 Erin Condren life planner in the mail (my 2nd Bible!) And I’ve been working on planning my entire year. Yes, you read that right, my ENTIRE year.

image1 (1).jpeg  image2.jpeg

Last weekend I got the privilege of being at a private training with the CEO and founder of Senegence (best makeup and skincare everrrr! You can check it out here!) She suggested over and over that we plan out our whole year. Between family vacations, training’s, and work. Knowing exactly what is expected of us since being self employed we don’t technically have a boss to keep us accountable.

I’m dutifully working away with the help of some super cute stickers I snagged from Erin Condren as well! Stickers make it more fun!! Make sure you grab your 2019 calendar before the end of the year and get a head start on being more organized this coming year.

Here are some of my favorites!

Erin Condren Life Planner   – I get the hourly layout and love the one where I can customize the front and back with my own pictures!

Franklin Covey Yearly Foldout

Fly Lady Calendar 

I’d love to hear some of your favorites and ways you stay organized throughout the year. Lord knows I could use all the advice I can get!




Welcome to The Blonde Mom Diaries! I’m a 27 year old mama to a 7 year old little girl who is about as girly as they come. Been with my (super handsome) boyfriend Levi, for almost 3 years who also has a pretty awesome 4 year old little girl named Brylee! We are lucky enough to call the beautiful city of Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho our home.

I’m excited to open this diary of mine and have you follow along with my every day life, share things I love with you, and maybe even talk about some of passions like beauty, self care, and……wine.

There’s always something new happening and never a dull moment. Between Levi and I being entrepreneurs and 2 little girls, our life is chalk full of excitement.

Thanks for joining me on this new journey friends and I’ll see you at the next chapter of The Blonde Mom Diary!