Top 5 North Idaho Winter Must Haves

We’re finally getting some snow up here in north Idaho! Which means the cold air and winter blues are in full swing. Here are some of my winter must haves to survive the single digit weather!

Sorel snow boots. Seriously though. I know they’re expensive….but you will be SO thankful you hashed out the hundo’s when your feet are nice and toasty warm while having to shovel the foot deep snow in your driveway…or sloshing through the slush in the grocery store parking lot. This is number 1 on my list for a reason! They last a lifetime and worth every…single…penny! Not ready to drop $200? Buy a used pair and just replace the liner! That’s what’s so amazing about these boots!

Fleece lined leggings. Because regular leggings are way too cold for the winter weather and let’s be real jeans are not everyone’s favorites….some fleece on the inside of your already comfy leggings will get you feeling like your legs are wrapped up in a cozy blanket!

Speaking of cozy blankets….you need an actual cozy blanket! I don’t care how hot your fireplace is or how high your furnace is set…there’s nothing like cuddling up on the couch with a cozy blanket as you watch the snow fall from the white skies. Best feeling ever! This one is SOO nice! Thick and BIG! Perfect for those blizzard-y evenings!


Thieves essential oil! Now I know not everyone is jumping on that hippie oil bandwagon yet…but I diffuse this stuff daily in my massage room and happy to report I have yet to get sick this year minus a super inconvenient cold that lasted a whole 24 hours. I 100% believe in this stuff! A couple drops in your diffuser will be keeping your family healthy during sick season and THAT is priceless my friends!

A long coat! The parka kind that go down to your knees! I wear mine every single day once that first snowfall hits. Keeps my booty warm and chances are it has a big hood on it because let’s be honest….hats are a pain!!

There you have it. Those are my top 5 winter must haves! I’d love to know your winter must haves and what you can’t live without when the snow starts (or not!) falling!



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